Minilevers: inspiring champions

Every child dreams about being just like their parents, and that’s even more true when we’re talking about the children from Unilevers. That’s why Unilever decided to make their employee’s children, employees for a day. During the 1st of July mothers and fathers took their children to work with them.

The first task of the day was getting to know what their parents really did, spending the morning inside their station at work. To make that something fun, we made a sticker album for the kid to understand in a playful way the importance of their parent in the company, and the importance of Unilever in the world.

After lunch, there were some activities for even more fun. They werer divided by age, and each activity was sponsored by an Unilever brand.
Everyone left as a certified employee of the day, with a bunch of pictures and a complete sticker album. Of course, it was also an amazing experience that made the parent-child relationship even stronger.

Inspiring is always a goal with our events, and we took Minilevers very seriously. After all, those young champions are the ones who will run the world.