More Kibon, please!

To kick off the new cycle for the ice cream leader, the Kibon Convention 2016 happenned from the 4th to the 6th of August, at the Royal Palm Plaza in Campinas. Considering the leader deserves the very best, the event had Lázaro Ramos as its MC, what already makes everything great. Lectures from the company’s president Fernando Fernandez, ice cream vice-president Andrea Salzano e sales director Marcelo Costa, guaranteed extremely important company material for more than 620 guests.

But just like every Case event, there was also entertainment. Photo booth, games and a huge party with the band Pop Up brought fun and joy to everyone. A motivational lecture was also part of the fun: Building Elite Squads, with Rodrigo Pimentel. Authority in team building, he promoted interaction among guests.

And of course, the Convention was showered with the best ice cream, Unilever’s. Everyone had access to freezers full of Kibon and Ben & Jerry’s, and they also had the oportunity to taste new flavors that will bring everyone’s jaws to the floor.

Lectures about leadership, motivation, with the company’s big shots, a lot of fun, ice cream and interaction. That was the Kibon Convention 2016, made with all the passion Case has for always doing the best for its clients.