Leadership: more than a theme, a way to change the world.

How do we make the revolution of a consecrated and winner event in a landscape of challenges and uncertainties? This was Case’s goal in Unilever’s biggest sales event in the year. And the answer was “completely changing the event’s focus”, valorizing the personal initiative of every single person in this team.

Instead of a National Sales Meeting, why not invite everyone to hear the call of their duty and make this a National Leaders Meeting? That’s right! Case promoted every single present person into a leadership position, responsible for guiding clients and the whole market in overcoming obstacles.

To do this, the idea was to avoid cliché and bring together people who are widely known for their actions and determination to change everyone’s life for the better. From the emotional speech by Fernanda Montenegro, Brazil’s most legendary actress, to the guests Renê Santos, Maria da Penha and Isadora Faber, nationwide known for changing Brazil, all things summed up for the concept of one man’s power to change the world.

This was a life-changing event for everyone present. And not only Unilever’s team left the place as leaders: Case’s team became leaders too.