Chevrolet activates the Onix at Lollapalooza

Everyone who attended the festival at the Interlagos Racetrack on April 5 and 6 not only had the chance to get to know Chevrolet’s latest launch, but also enjoy all the environments, actions and attractions inspired by the new #selfieonix concept.

The ad agency, Case Imagine, sought to connect the audience in attendance with the online environment. In addition to encouraging people to post “selfies,” the agency took into consideration the high demand and limited supply of internet access points at past music festivals and implemented free Wi-Fi at every Onix Lollapalooza tent. “We knew how eager this audience is to be continuously connected. We recognized the need to fulfill this need of theirs, not only as a way of working the Chevrolet image and that of the new Onix, but also of allowing our own actions to be shared more broadly,” – explained Carla Cipullo, the representative responsible for the project.

Inside the two tents, Pit Stop Onix and Lounge Onix, inserted at strategic locations inside the racetrack, participants found not just free Wi-Fi, but also environments that invited them to recharge their batteries. Beanbag couches shaped like the car, projection TVs with live video of the concerts, cell phone chargers, and the new Onix itself all contributed to make these spaces into meeting points during the festival.

Another important highlight of Chevrolet’s participation during the event was its special actions. At the Pit Stop Onix tent, the audience could visit “Onix Road,” a recreation of the famous “Abbey Road” in the style of Lollapalooza, allowing guests to take their most creative photos at the festival and receive a printed copy on the spot. Meanwhile, throughout the festival, Onix Lollapalooza promoters distributed buttons to participants. The OnixCam could detect that they were wearing our accessory and aired live footage of them on the large screens and they were immediately escorted to watch the next show up front of the Onix stage!

The stage sponsored by the brand also became a powerful source of excitement for the audience, receiving world-renowned artists such as Imagine Dragons, Nine Inch Nails, Vampire Weekend and Soundgarden.

To encourage everyone there to engage with this and other environments during the festival, we handed out fun inflatable bats with the Onix Lollapalooza communication, and installed physical picture frames at strategic points inside the racetrack to allow guests to take photos and post them on Instagram with #SelfieOnix.

At the Lolla Lounge, Lollapalooza’s own VIP space, we launched #VIPSelfieOnix, which encouraged the audience at the location to take photos with traditional personalities from the festival and post them in real time on social media, receiving in exchange a printed copy they could take home as a memento.

The Onix Private Box, exclusively for Chevrolet clients and guests, also received special attention from Case. The audience was able to enjoy the festival with the utmost of creature comforts, exclusivity and innovation. Among the major attractions was the “MyDrink” high-tech bar that quickly became a hit inside the booth. It allowed guests to select drinks with the Onix Lollapalooza colors by simply tapping a screen.

“These activations allowed us to completely involve a wide range of audiences at the festival, making them adopt the #selfieonix hashtag, understand the major benefits of the new car, and know that, even after Lollapalooza had passed, Chevrolet is increasingly more in tune and connected to them and their lifestyles,” emphasized Pedro Vieira, head of planning for these actions.